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There is no nudity!


We had a scene where Father Ralph comes to the big veranda at Drogheda in a huge rain storm. And there’s nobody around, and he’s soaking wet and so he strips there on the veranda thinking nobody’s around. But I’m standing there totally naked and Stanwyck comes out. She said a couple of lines and I said a couple of lines and she dried. And she had never, ever had any trouble with her lines ever before. And there was a shocked pause on everybody’s part. And a kind of moment of silence and then she said; “I’m sorry, it’s just been so long since I’ve stood next to a naked man." And I thought that was a really great compliment. I thought, oh wow, I turned her on a little bit, that’s neat. 
- Richard Chamberlain on Barbara Stanwyck in The Thorn Birds, 1983

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  • Justine: Well, I’ve decided what I’m going to do.
  • Meggie: I thought it was already decided. Arts at Sydney University, isn’t that right?
  • Justine: Oh, that was just a red herring to lull you into a false sense of security while I made my plans. But now it’s all set, so I can tell you.
  • Meggie: Go on, I’m all agog.
  • Justine: I’m going to be an actress.
  • Meggie: A what?
  • Justine: An actress.
  • Meggie: Good Lord! Look, Justine, I hate to be a spoilsport and truly I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but do you think you’re—well, quite physically equipped to be an actress?
  • Justine: Oh, Mum! Not a film star; an actress! I don’t want to wiggle my hips and stick out my breasts and pout my wet lips! I want to act.
  • Meggie: Are you quite sure, Jussy?
  • Justine: Quite sure. I’ve known for a long time.
  • Meggie: I still don’t understand. An actress!
  • Justine: Well, where else can I scream and yell and howl but on a stage? I’m not allowed to do any of those here, or at school, or anywhere! I like screaming and yelling and howling, dammit!
  • Meggie: But you’re so good at art, Jussy! Why not be an artist?
  • Justine: You’re so impractical, Mum, really. I thought it was supposed to be the children who didn’t stop to consider a career’s practical aspects. Let me tell you, I don’t want to starve to death in a garret and be famous after I’m dead. I want to enjoy a bit of fame while I’m still alive, and be very comfortable financially. So I’ll paint as a hobby and act for a living. How’s that?
  • Meggie: You’ve got an income from Drogheda, Jussy. It would never come to starving in a garret. If you’d rather paint, it’s all right. You can.
  • Justine: How much have I got, Mum?
  • Meggie: Enough that if you preferred, you need never work at anything.
  • Justine: What a bore! I’d end up talking on the telephone and playing bridge; at least that’s what the mothers of most of my school friends do. Because I’d be living in Sydney, not on Drogheda. I like Sydney much better than Drogheda. Do I have enough to pay to have my freckles removed with this new electrical treatment?
  • Meggie: I should think so. But why?
  • Justine: Because then someone might see my face, that’s why.
  • Meggie: I thought looks didn’t matter to an actress?
  • Justine: Enough’s enough, Mum. My freckles are a pain.
  • Meggie: Are you sure you wouldn’t rather be an artist?
  • Justine: Quite sure, thank you. I’m going to tread the boards, Mrs. Worthington!
  • Meggie: How did you get yourself into the Culloden?
  • Justine: I auditioned.
  • Meggie: And they took you?
  • Justine: Your faith in your daughter is touching, Mum. Of course they took me! I’m superb, you know. One day I shall be very famous.
  • Meggie: Is it important to you, Justine? Fame?
  • Justine: I should say so. I’m absolutely iron-bound determined to be famous.
  • Fee: Have you been on about fame and glory, Justine?
  • Justine: They enter the picture.
  • Fee: Justine, why do you persist in putting things to your mother so badly? You know it isn’t a question of fame and fortune. It’s a question of self, isn’t it?
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Thank You!

I am floored with comments, reblogs, and followers this blog has. I am forever grateful; thank you for becoming apart of my life! The Thorn Birds holds a special place in it. :)


Barbara Stanwyck, age 75, in The Thorn Birds (1983)


Because she was the same age as the character, and what the character has to say is so… well, you could have dropped a feather on that set. We all had very wet eyes. You could see the actress responding to the moment on the set as well as the moment in the picture. It was just incredible.
When we shot the scene, it was very moving. I knew I had to get the close-ups carefully, because she’s experienced enough to hold back for them. We did it in two takes, and she came up even higher in the second. After the first one, people had tears in their eyes. She swung the bedroom doors closed, and there was a long silence and then applause. But she did not appear. So I went in and opened the doors and closed them behind me. She was standing there shaking, just shaking. I remember holding her, giving her a big hug and, as I’ve said, one held a fully sensual woman. It was a very beautiful, touching moment. 
- Stan Margulies, The Thorn Birds (1983)

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The Thorn Birds

What’s everyone’s favorite character in The Thorn Birds?


Emotional scene between Fee and Father Ralph.

Ralph and Meggie’s first kiss - asked by ferminaurbino

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Rachel Ward Reunites With Richard Chamberlain after 30 years. Pioneers of Television, Season 3, January 2013.

Click to read the transcript and see some pictures.


…is it worth the pain, with no one to blame for all of my insecurities?
how did I ever let you go?